Saturday, March 14, 2015

Vision 86: How I feel About Art

I came to my attention that, the more art I see, the more I see it as a logical, left brained, and polished thing.

I don't know what it is, but when I was browsing on DA, a lot of the art I saw, I couldn't help but feel suffocated, and just "meh." It's not that it's not drawn well, or anything like that, but it's becoming more of who is the best, what is popular, and this analytical way of being an artist.

I think the more I try to get into art like I was "years ago" the more I don't like it. The constant need to have a polished picture, things being drawn the right way, skimming through art sites to see what is popular. Art, the way I use to be into it, isn't fun anymore, it's a chore, and I feel that I'm trying to climb back into the artist's rat race.

I don't want to be in that box anymore, I don't want this overhead feeling that being an artist has this one path to it that everyone must follow. It's not good enough for me. I need freedom, I need something different, I need ideas, theories, stories, flowing creativity. Not this canned bullshit that everything seems to have a version of these days. Where everything is marketed to the general public.

I'm not the general public, no one really is, but watering down art into it's basic parts of just a pretty picture is making me sick. I want something real, some ideas on paper, imagination, creative energy, something homegrown and messy. Art shouldn't be this ideal of perfection because nothing is.

I just want something fun and loose. Something I can control and morph, none of this "it has to be this way shit." That is what I find the most annoying, that art has to be "this way." I hate it when things are properly placed, I like it when things are mixed up, tossed around but in a way that make sense and births something new.

Even with that said, I still have to look at myself, I might not like what is going on on the outside but at the end of the day, it's a reflection of what's going on inside me. What the hell am I holding on to that is making me feel that my own art has to be a certain way. What are the rules that I'm constantly rebelling that I need to let go of. What is it in my own artistic journey that I can't stand and disgusted of?

If I would be honest with myself, it would be everything. Not that I hate what I'm doing but how I'm doing it and the mindset behind it. I don't like it when I want to draw something just because it's what people like. I don't like it when I try to be perfect and make perfect pictures. I don't like it when I aim to be a certain way and having to stay that way. I don't like it when I'm not drawing and creating my own characters and stories. I don't like it when I'm looking at other's art way too much for ideas and not looking at my own. I don't like it when I think being an artist has to be a career and that career has to be done a certain way.

But I will find my way out of this and have my artistic self reborn for good.
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