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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Vision 79: The Most Healing Music

healing music artist spiritual

Music is one of the most magical art forms I know of, always being created and flowing through the hearts of many and being listened to by even more. I guess you can call me a musicophile, a lover of music, but as the years gone by I saw how my love for music became more than just amassing a huge collection of CDs and MP3s, but now wanting to create my own.

And with that desire being launched everyday as I blissfully select my chosen soundtracks, I realized how much I used music for healing without even knowing it. But there is one particular artist that stole the show of bringing much healing to my heart and soul, that artist is Bjork and she has the most healing music I know of.

How I got to know this artist was through twitter, when someone retweeted her music video “Crystalline” and from the second I heard her unique voice I KNEW that I would love all of her music, and indeed I did. Music video after music video, I was surrounded by such artistic, unique and one of a kind songs, I was truly happy for being guided to this wonderful artist!

As time went by and I was still faithfully listening to her albums, there was a time in my life where I chose to open myself up again emotionally. To start crying again and to finally give myself the much needed healing and validation of my emotions. When it came to finally allow my tears to flow, one of my personal favorites “All Neon Like” was that catalyze to really dive deep where I never dared to tread before.

Boy, that first time I let myself cry to that song, it was like an overbearing weight finally coming through my tiny body. Hearing the words “don’t be angry at yourself” resonated so strongly that I felt ripples of pain, of my own anger towards myself come through to the surface. It was probably one of the most intense crying sessions I had to date. At the same time, feeling those true feelings gave me so much hope, awareness and wisdom of how I truly felt inside. From then on, whenever I felt that need to let go of some deep emotions that were coming up for me, I would choose that song to get me to the other side.

Out of all the artists, songs and soundtracks that I’ve listened too, Bjork is the only one to dive so deep in my soul to actually get those old feelings out, it’s quite amazing. And I’m honored that the universe equipped me with such a powerful healing too.

Since then, there have been other instances where her other songs like “Bachelorette” and “Undo” have spoken to me on a deep level and left me in healing tears. It’s as if the songs zeros in a very sore spot of my emotions (where I’m being triggered emotionally) and really bring it up to the conscious mind. I’ve cried to other songs (not that many to be honest) but Bjork’s is the only one that has this specific effect on me.

All in all, I’m so happy to be one of the lucky people that not only listens and enjoys her music, but can feel the healing vibrations that are laced within the notes and lyrics. Her music has made a very huge impact on my life, and I’m not sure how my life would be different if I never discovered her a short few years ago.

So I want to say thank you so much for giving your gifts to the world because it has changed people’s lives, especially mine. Feeling your healing intent in your music really does brings me to my knees sometimes, but it also allowed me to feel and to cry without judgment, editing myself or thinking that I’m inappropriate for doing so.

That means more to me than you’ll ever know…

So thank you so much, Bjork…

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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vision 69: Big Hero Six

fandom big hiro 6

Last week I saw the movie Big Hero Six and I freak’n adored that movie so much along with Hiro and Baymax. I feel the movie gave me a really important gift of artistic inspiration, fun and a huge boost of imagination. Ever since I saw the movie I couldn’t really stop thinking about it. The setting was a unique blend of San Fran and Tokyo, I love Hiro’s friends and the relationship that Hiro had with Baymax.

There is something about relationships involving humans and robots that I can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s because robots don’t have emotions yet, this unspoken affection can still be felt. Or something that supposed to be cold and monotone is lovable, approachable and even funny. Maybe I just like movies, shows or whatever about a being, robot or not, learning about the real world. I can even go as far as to say I somewhat identify with it because often times I still feel like I’m trying to figure the world (and more so my society) out sometimes.

Either way, it really gave me that gentle boost to pick up the pencil (mostly tablet pen) and start drawing how I was feeling inside my head. It felt so natural I was starting to think that maybe I won’t backslide on my drawing anymore, that maybe this is the one fandom or muse that will bring me to where I was as far as drawing habits.

I think it is and I’m feeling really good about it (for the first time ever I’m looking up headcannons for a movie). I even drew Hiro (he’s so damn cute) yesterday and I’m really proud of what I made. It’s simple, was fun to do and I didn’t struggle a whole lot. It was to me how drawing is supposed to be, fun and lighthearted because if it’s not fun then we shouldn’t be doing it.

I even felt content, happy and in the present enjoying myself doing two things I really love, drawing and listening to music. It was the feeling place and experience I needed to let me know how I want most of my life to go. The feeling I want to have most of all.

And it felt really good…

This is what I have so far in my Hiro picture

big hero six fan art

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vision 65: What I Love About Myself

self love blog

I’m Lovable

I love myself and loving more of who I am. People love me for me but even more so I’m learning to finally love myself. I love that I’m lovable and I love myself so much that I’m willing to do what it takes to make myself happy. I love that I’m loveable because it makes my life easier and I can do things for myself without feeling bad. I’m loveable because I’m sweet, kind and caring and people want to be around that. It’s something I want more out of myself, more kindness for myself from myself.

I’m loveable and that is what I love about me!

I’m Intuitive and Psychic

I love my psychic abilities because it’s something that I wanted since I was a very young girl; to just know things. Through a lot of trial and error and living my life through the lens of the intuitive world I got that and more.

I did something for myself that I really wanted and owned it, so much so that I forgot that this was a conscious choice to lead a psychic life more than I was blessed with fully opened gifts and learning how to deal with them. I love my intuitive self, I love how I can pick up on things, I love that I can know what it is that is really going on around me. I love that I can also help other people find their way through my gifts.

I love how dedicated I am to my own improvement and development of my abilities. I love that everyday I’m finding more ways to include my gifts in everyday life, even make a business out of my talents! It feels good to be me with these gifts and also to share them with others!

 I’m Have Big Dreams to be a Video Game Concept Art Director

I love that I knew my dreams since I was young. I knew that I wanted to be a video game designer and I’m even more thrilled that my dream got even more specific! I love drawing and I love video games. I love storytelling and I want to be a big part of the video game development process. I want to help create the worlds that the story will be setting in, and help the character build his own adventure through my worlds.

I love telling a great story and I love knowing that I can create worlds through my own artistic talents. What I love about me knowing my dreams is that I know who I really am. I love knowing me as that person with big dreams and is willing to omit everything that isn’t serving me to reach that place. I also love being able to create what I want in the present time instead of waiting for that magical moment to happen!

I’m Creative and Whimsical

What I love about myself is that I’m very whimsical, I don’t think like most people. I love that about myself because it gives me that extra edge that most people like to reach for, yet it comes naturally to me. I love being a part of the cutting edge even though it can be scary and uncertain.

I love knowing that my ideas, dreams, and what I think about the world is truly meaningful and changes my life for the better. I love that I can take these ideas and make them real, I love that I have the power and know how to do it easily. I’m so connected and tapped into the source of all things that it’s sometimes scary how things come about in my life. But I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world because that is who I am. I love creating the new, the cutting edge, the different and exciting!

I love my love for the whimsical, different and creative the forces I’m made of!  

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vision 56: Love List #67

manifesting love list artist

  1. I love being an artist, I love that this is my path!
  2. Thank you for the path that is being laid out for me, it feels so exciting!
  3. Thank you for the money that supports me in my path, I love my new money relationship!
  4. I love the feeling of ease when it comes to my purpose, it feels effortless!
  5. I love creating my reality and making it what I want it to be
  6. I love being the creator of my reality!
  7. I love being in control of what I experience in my life
  8. I love the freedom of being all of who I am
  9. I enjoy my self-expression in my art!
  10. Thank you for my blessing of being an artist!

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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vision 54: Love List #65

  1. I’m so grateful for the artist manifesto that I created through my inspiration!
  2. Thank you George for showing me my life’s purpose!
  3. Thank you universe for being there for me!
  4. Thank you for this awesome feeling!
  5. I’m so grateful for all the wonderful wisdom I’ve been gaining lately!
  6. Thank you for this awesome computer!
  7. Thank you for the best days to come and my constant growing ease
  8. Thank you for the money I do have it’s more than enough
  9. I’m so grateful for all the love I feel for myself, I love myself unconditionally!
  10. Thank you for the abundance that is all around me like money, food and water it’s more than enough!

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Saturday, July 12, 2014

Vision 51: 50th Post Celebration

greatfulness blog celebration positivity

This is my 51st post, but it feels like I’ve been writing forever. I’ve been blogging for years but today marks a special time because of the positivity I cultivated from this specific blog.

Today I’m celebrating The Golden Mirror, the very blog that slowly but surely changed my life for the better. I want to dive in and show the gratitude on how much this blog has helped me and all that it did in the process.

Thank you blog for showing me how I was limiting myself

For many years I blamed my family for the reason why my life sucked so bad and while I decided to change, this blog give me the freedom to truly express how I feel. Feelings that I would often express in a instinctual and thoughtless manner turned into nuggets of wisdom that I can grow from and see the bigger picture of my life. That means way more than anything else I could of done with this blog.

Thank you blog for being the platform for me to express my gratitude for the things I love

 Nothing makes me more excited than sharing exactly what makes me smile. For a long time I didn’t cultivate the positivity like this and it reflected in my life. Since I started with this blog I’m much more open to the positive and my world is a lot bigger because of it.

Thank you blog for giving me a place to express myself in a creative matter. 

I consider this blog as a book and a way for me to help me strengthen my writing skills. Though I forgot this for a while, coming back to this truth made me appreciate this blog even more. This blog is my life story, the story I’m always continuing to weave and without the freedom to express myself in a creative way, I would never have seen the gifts that arouse from that truth.

Thank you blog for helping me connect with other people

 When I got truly honest with myself, my true nature was finally set free in a lot of ways. Causing a lot more people to connect with me and my beautiful spirit. Never in a thousand years would I have thought the people I’ve been connecting to now would be the people that was waiting for me. And surely, I didn’t think these people would be so positive, supportive, beautiful and just plain fucking awesome. They made this journey and my transition in life much more sweeter and there isn’t enough money in the world to pay for that!

Thank you blog for just being there

Being there for me to cry, rant, be happy, sad and all the sides of me that I love and not love so much about myself. No one on this planet will ever know the extent to where my suffering was for so long and the one thing that I could count on in the roughest times through that change that was you. Seriously, I can’t thank this blog enough along with the programmers, website, the host and all the people that made this writing platform possible for me.

This blog literally changed my life and how I see the world, something I’ve been dying and trying to do for many years. And when I decided to finally do it, against all odds, to express my journey in it, slowly but surely it happened.

I can’t thank you enough for that. Thank you Thank you Thank you!

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Vision 46: Money Love List #54

It's been a super long time since I posted any of my Love Lists (thus why the number shot up lol) and I find posting my love lists really fun, so here is the one I just did recently!
  1. Thank you for the money that I currently have, it’s more than enough
  2. I enjoy thinking about money in my hands
  3. I love feeling the freedom of having more than enough money
  4. I enjoy living abundantly
  5. There is so much money around me to be found
  6. I’m grateful for all the experiences I can afford with my money
  7. I enjoy shopping with ease with my money
  8. I love saving money on my shopping trips
  9. People give me money all the time and I love it
  10. I enjoy my life being supported by my money
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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Vision 28: My Love List #18

 love abraham Gratefulness appreciation


 My Love List #18

After delaying this for way over a month, I'm finally starting it back up again to increase my positive vibes and energy! I hope you all enjoy!

  • I love the crush I have currently, it feels so good to send my loving vibes to someone I have special feelings for!
  • I love noticing that I’m loving myself for my weirdness through my crush
  • I love my new Herkimer Diamond crystal that gives me really deep insight!
  • I love the money class that I’m in and all the wonderful people that are in it
  • I love amping up my money vibe, it makes me feel so good!
  • I love the freedom that I have every day to do whatever I want!

  • I love the yoga video that I do every morning!
  • I love learning Korean and watching Korean dramas
  • I love my cat Dro because he loves me so much and wants to be around me
  • I love the money that I currently have because I know it will turn into something more!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Vision 20: Money Love List #6

list abundance money law of attraction

Since I started the Money class, I’ve been working quite a bit on my relationship with money. A part of changing that relationship I made daily activities to help activate those good feelings associated with getting more money, thus I started a daily Money Love List. Just like my original Love List, I write down ten things that I love about money or things related to abundance. It’s really fun and it helps me feel good about money. Anyway, this is my 6th list (I started this days ago) and I hope you feel just as good reading it as I did!

1.    I love the new orders I get from my shop everyday
2.    I’m so grateful for the extra money I received and the money I have currently!
3.    I love feeling free from my resistance of money
4.    I love all the ideas of the things I can buy with my money
5.    I feel grateful for my gifts that brings in more money to me!
6.    I love feeling empowered to have money
7.    I love the expansive feeling I get from thinking about money
8.    I love to adore and appreciate money
9.    I love feeling like a princess with money
10.    I love my new money story that makes me feel rich and abundant!
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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Vision 5: My Love List #4

love gratitude list thankful

My Love List #4

cooking simple Japanese recipes

  • I love Cooking with Dog because I love learning about simple and easy Japanese recipes I can make for myself!
  • I love my fan pages because I can connect with other people like myself and show off my blogs and what I love.
  • I love my egg and cheese sandwich I had last night because it tasted really good and filled me up!
  • I love the orange and lemon tea I had last night because it had a lot of flavor and I didn't need a tea bag to make it!
  • I love manga because it takes me to another place in the universe. That and I can indulge in another person's imagination and art style.
  • I love cleaning out my stuff last night because I'm finally letting go of all the things that no longer resonates with me. That and I can make more room for the new!
  • I love my computer because it gives me so many opportunities to build the life that I want!
  • I love my blog because I can indulge and share my journey in emerging into someone I thought I could never be!
  • I love the color purple because it's such a fun color, that and I love the different hues it can come in!
  • I love Office Word because with this word processor I am able to get my thoughts out a lot faster than writing them out normally.

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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vision 2: My Love List #1

golden list love appreciation

Last month when I decided that I needed to change my lifestyle to center around gratefulness I started reading The Magic by Rhonda Byrne. I really took to the gratitude list because it was simple, fun yet challenging to really look for things to be grateful for. Though technically you can be grateful for well... Everything, but that is not the point.

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