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Saturday, November 8, 2014

Vision 65: What I Love About Myself

self love blog

I’m Lovable

I love myself and loving more of who I am. People love me for me but even more so I’m learning to finally love myself. I love that I’m lovable and I love myself so much that I’m willing to do what it takes to make myself happy. I love that I’m loveable because it makes my life easier and I can do things for myself without feeling bad. I’m loveable because I’m sweet, kind and caring and people want to be around that. It’s something I want more out of myself, more kindness for myself from myself.

I’m loveable and that is what I love about me!

I’m Intuitive and Psychic

I love my psychic abilities because it’s something that I wanted since I was a very young girl; to just know things. Through a lot of trial and error and living my life through the lens of the intuitive world I got that and more.

I did something for myself that I really wanted and owned it, so much so that I forgot that this was a conscious choice to lead a psychic life more than I was blessed with fully opened gifts and learning how to deal with them. I love my intuitive self, I love how I can pick up on things, I love that I can know what it is that is really going on around me. I love that I can also help other people find their way through my gifts.

I love how dedicated I am to my own improvement and development of my abilities. I love that everyday I’m finding more ways to include my gifts in everyday life, even make a business out of my talents! It feels good to be me with these gifts and also to share them with others!

 I’m Have Big Dreams to be a Video Game Concept Art Director

I love that I knew my dreams since I was young. I knew that I wanted to be a video game designer and I’m even more thrilled that my dream got even more specific! I love drawing and I love video games. I love storytelling and I want to be a big part of the video game development process. I want to help create the worlds that the story will be setting in, and help the character build his own adventure through my worlds.

I love telling a great story and I love knowing that I can create worlds through my own artistic talents. What I love about me knowing my dreams is that I know who I really am. I love knowing me as that person with big dreams and is willing to omit everything that isn’t serving me to reach that place. I also love being able to create what I want in the present time instead of waiting for that magical moment to happen!

I’m Creative and Whimsical

What I love about myself is that I’m very whimsical, I don’t think like most people. I love that about myself because it gives me that extra edge that most people like to reach for, yet it comes naturally to me. I love being a part of the cutting edge even though it can be scary and uncertain.

I love knowing that my ideas, dreams, and what I think about the world is truly meaningful and changes my life for the better. I love that I can take these ideas and make them real, I love that I have the power and know how to do it easily. I’m so connected and tapped into the source of all things that it’s sometimes scary how things come about in my life. But I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world because that is who I am. I love creating the new, the cutting edge, the different and exciting!

I love my love for the whimsical, different and creative the forces I’m made of!  

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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Vision 36: Friday Favorites #3 (Birthday Edition)

 I haven’t done this in a while and I noticed how great listing the top five things that I enjoy really keeps me positive and have me looking out for things to enjoy. Even though it’s not Friday, I felt the need to do this anyway so that I can list the things I really cherished in the week. This time around everything that I listed was related to my birthday, either gifts I’ve gotten or what I’ve done to celebrate my 25th birthday!

Ni No Kuni 

Studio Ghibli game ni no kuni 

My good friend was sweet enough to buy me this game as a present when we were in Game Stop on my birthday. I’ve seen the review of this game and fell in love with it especially since Studio Ghibli were one of the developers. I’m about 16 hours into the game and I’m seriously impressed already! Thank you so much good friend!

The Godzilla Movie

Another great birthday present my other friend gave me last Saturday! He treated me to the movie and dinner at Ruby Tuesdays! Also, a fun fact about this movie is that as soon as I saw the trailer, I knew I needed to see this movie for my birthday, so I added to the list of things I wanted to do for 2014. Once I told my friend about the movie (a week before it came out) and how we should see it, he told me that he would take me, how awesome is that? Manifesting at its best!

Ruby Tuesday’s Peanut Butter Crunch 

ruby tuesday dessert peanut butter crunch

This was the dessert that I had at Ruby Tuesdays. It was beyond what I thought it was going to be. It was so good with so many different flavors and textures I even scraped the plate clean! I highly recommend this dessert at your next visit!

Ihop’s Cinnamon Swirl Brioche French Toast

ihop french toast cinna

I gotten this combo meal the morning of my birthday with my good friend. It was AMAZING! Since they didn’t have the Cinnastack French Toast anymore this comes to a great second and alternative if you’re just as crazy for it as I am. Though the bread is different, it’s still soft, tasty and delicious! Also, ask for whip cream on top for some extra goodness like I did!

How to Train your Dragon 

train your dragon movie

This was the movie that I saw while my good friend was staying over for my birthday. When it originally came out a few years back I didn’t think it was going to be that good, but when I heard about the sequel that pique my interest to watch it. When I finally did, I was blown away! This instantly became one of my top favorite movies and I was surprised how I kept myself from watching this for so many years!

As you can see, I enjoyed my birthday quite a bit and made a ton of good memoires, I hope you guys enjoyed what I loved this week too!
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Friday, January 24, 2014

Vision 11: Friday Favorites #2

favorites friday love like

After missing the last Friday Favorites as well as going through a rough emotional patch, I think it’s time for another Friday Favorites! Where I list 5 things that I’ve seen in the last week that I totally love!

Abraham Hicks- Does Your Frequency Harmonize With Your Desire?

This is just what I needed to hear today after going through yet another rough emotional week. It was really tough managing my emotions but once I “let go” and just surrendered, I found myself listening to what I REALLY needed to hear. Just go general, don’t fight your resistance; it won’t make your life any easier. Wise words that I’ve forgotten over the last week or two. I highly recommend this video if you’re having trouble with your desires or emotions right now.

The Rider Tarot Deck

tarot rider deck cards

Just two nights ago I discovered the awesome power of the tarot first hand. Long story short, after an emotional night, I was guided to shuffle the Major Arcana cards that my sister gave me years ago. Between the meanings of the cards and my own interpretations of them, I was simply blown away. Never did I have a card deck dive so deep into my conscious and even subconscious mind. I was sold on that first experience. Funny enough, I wanted to get into the tarot years ago but I thought I had to study the cards first before I can read them. But when I simply followed the card’s meanings, my intuition took over and they were quite easy to read! Because of that, I have to buy myself The Rider Tarot Deck for myself; I’m completely addicted to the tarot now!

Chicago - Will You Still Love Me

This is my top favorite song of all time, no lie. I remember hearing this for the first time when I was a pre-teen and fell madly in love with the song. What really got me hooked was the fourth part of the song with the guitar solo in the background; it completely rocked my world and still does to this day. As a grade A hopeless romantic, even as a child, this was my shit and my love for this song hasn’t left yet.


I just saw this last night and I honestly have no words of how beautiful this video is. I’ve always been a fan of these types of videos of the moving cosmos, but god, this is so absolutely stunning. To know that you can actually see such a beautiful night sky like this is beyond me. Only up to a few years ago did I learn you can go to the remote places of the world and see stars like that. One of the things I want to do before I die is to see that night sky myself. I feel that I will be the closest I would ever be to my true home in the divine. :’D

Kawaii Coffee Milk Figurine

anime doll figure girl

milk chocolate anime girl

Okay, I cheated with this one since I seen this weeks ago, but I thought it was so cute that I showcase it anyway. I have no idea who this character is since she came from a Japanese website, but I know she personifies coffee milk, or is the mascot of a Milk company. Simply put, I fell head over heels for this girl, she is so insanely adorable! Not to mention she personifies food which is one of my favorite concepts to play with. Hands down, the design is top notch and I would LOVE to own her if I was able to, or understand Japanese to buy one haha! 

I hope you all enjoyed this FF, tell me if you have a favorite from this week or liked what I listed here. Talk to you all soon, bye! 
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Vision 4: Friday Favorites

Today I want to start a new fun thing for me to again, focus on more of what I do want and currently love than on what I don't want or currently hate. I call it "Friday Favorites" and it's basically me listing 5 of my favorite things that I came across in the last week. So lets start!

Abraham Hicks: Why Fight for Our Limitations?

This was a video that really opened my eyes and showed me the higher perceptive of the recent clash I had earlier this week. Point being, you can never control outside conditions to make yourself feel good, there is no point. You're so much better off changing how you feel in yourself because you can never truly satisfy another. In fact, you're not even responsible for how they feel so whatever opinion another has about you, it doesn't matter. What matters is what YOU feel about yourself!

Tara Bliss: Judging Others

This video hit home and resonated so deeply in how I'm currently feeling about myself and my own family. With my path truly opening, a lot of inner changes have to take place. Changes and personal things that have to be met by me in which I'm not open to share with my family. I feel they won't understand because they have their own idea of "realty" that is very much different than mine. With everything that's been going on, I refuse to defend or justify my choices and lifestyle. For a long time I wanted to be honest with them so they will understand but that craving to be understood is keeping me in limbo.

This video reminded me that it's fine to be who I am, and it's also fine where your friends and family are at too. I nor do my family need to judge each other and it's not required to explain myself. We're are were we are and it's fine to be there. After listening to this video (for the second time) I see even more that I'm truly finding my individuality outside my family, lack luster circumstances and negative programming.

EXO's Show Time Episode 6


I absolutely adored this episode of EXO's Show Time! I can go on forever but I'll highlight two of my favorite parts of the video. My ultimate bias Tao being tiredly interviewed by D.O and Baekhyun and the windy as fuck BBQ train wreck with Chen and D.O. My poor boys was eating bitter burnt meat, but hey, at least Chen and D.O tried to cook it, right? I mean it was a typhoon out there!

Idiot's Guide to Chakras

This by far was the greatest resource for me in the last couple of days! With all of my chakra issues being shown to me to heal, I was able to get a leg up on them through this book. It's so intensive, the book goes over the signs of blocked and overactive chakras, yoga poses to ease them and so much more. Seriously, this book is worth its weight in gold and I never needed another book or source for chakra information since buying it years ago!

Vision 2: My Love List

Even though I made a lot of in depth blog posts, my new Love List  has to be my favorite. After making that blog post is when I truly felt that this blog was what I always wanted for years. To have a clean slate to be exactly who I am without hiding behind any labels, niches, bios, woulds or shoulds. I'm healing myself in a lot of ways through writing my story and having this blog be about the story vs. the blog being about me. This blog is the total result of my "overflow" of what I love, which is the very essence you need to manifest whatever it is that you want!

I hope you enjoyed this week's Friday Favorites and I'm off for the weekend (of hopefully writing blogs since I'm really enjoying this) so if you want a reading I'm available to take orders!

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