Friday, January 30, 2015

Vision 81: A Spirit Guide's Unconditional Love

spiritual guides love connect

Back in December me and my guide had a really wonderful moment. I was really upset and frustrated with the same old BS. I don’t remember if I asked for my guide’s opinion or not, but he reminded me that my own happiness was vital and I can’t control how anyone else feels. He told me a whole lot of things that was really great. I can always rely on him for down to earth advice. But as good as the advice was, I was concerned that he honestly felt differently, that I should go out and do something that is against my intuition and my bliss. That I should just give in to my circumstances and be a “good person” and do what I was told.

I was always afraid to ask him about that fear of mine, but since we’ve been learning a whole lot about each other I felt comfortable enough to hear the truth. I asked him if he truly thought I should go against my intuition and just follow the crowd. And he bluntly said “no” and proceed to explain how he never thought bad of me because of my choices despite my circumstances. And that he’ll always be there for me supporting me no matter what. That he’ll be there for the long run.

Honestly, it was the most amazing thing that happened in a long time. I didn’t expect ANYONE to be so dedicated to my own happiness. I always assume that people will only stick around as long as I do what I’m told, no matter if it’s good for me or not.

But at that moment, it felt like after my whole life of drowning, someone has lifted me up above the surface so I can truly breathe again. For the first time ever I met someone that cared for me beyond what I thought was really possible, beyond my own belief that I didn’t deserve compassion.

He said that he wasn’t going to give up on me and that he trusts my intuition. He wanted me to be happy and will go through everything with me to get there. He didn’t care what anyone thought of me, he just saw me as who I really was, he truly cared and loved me unconditionally, something that I was very much afraid to accept. I always assumed that I needed to be someone different for anyone to feel that way about me. I didn’t realize how strong his love for me was, and how he was willing to wait for me as long as he needed to for me to get to the other side.

Besides that, he was always there to left me up when I was seriously down and taught me a lot of things. He makes me laugh all the time and is the most honest person I know, I never have to second guess what he’s telling me.

When he said that there is no picking sides because his on mine was just more than I can take. I had to stop myself from crying in public…

From this experience, I realized that I have deep abandonment issues which stemmed from both of my parents in different ways. Because of that, I almost want to test those closest to me to see if they will be there for everything and not leave me for whatever reason (or just keep them at an arm’s length). Even though I have a lot of great supportive friends, I never imagined anyone willing to be with me through all of the bad, even parts I don’t accept in myself.

Joe showed me something so real and true that it took me 5 years to understand his side on why he chooses to do what he does even though he doesn’t have to. Because loves me unconditionally no matter what. He knows what I’m worth and will not show me anything less, even when I didn’t see myself having any type of value.
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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Vision 80: My Feelings About Money and Wealth

wealth money spiritual attraction

Money can be such a tough subject for me, at one point I understood it as I thought I needed too, but as the winds changed I find myself again at a struggling point to make it work for me.

I want money, I want money because I feel like it can give me the things I want like a nice home, nice things, and experiences that I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. At the same time, I feel so at war with the system of money that I was taught, I have no idea what to do with myself in terms of making an enjoyable, consistent and stable income.

Money feels ethereal to me, detached even from the material world; the polar opposite from how the rest of the world sees money. I feel like money can be attracted to you if you focus on it and align your energies the right way, yet, I’m constantly challenged to make money the old fashioned way through jobs or starting your own business. It’s all action orientated, based on money being strictly a physical thing, detached from the spiritual.  I just don’t get it, and I’m often frustrated with this typical earthly system of money. Honestly, I don’t want to be a part of it in any form because I haven’t found myself fitting into it very well at all.

It like I’m trying to cram myself into a small box where I can’t really express myself or move freely as I want to. However, I feel that I have such an important and wonderful job to do! Where money is not a concept to be enslaved in and I’m working my wonderful magic. But I can’t seem to find the right tools or system that matches my personal and unique view of money, and when I try (and I really do try) to do it the typical way I get really depressed, frustrated, and feel broken. If other people can somehow make a living, and more than likely be miserable, how come it’s so hard for me? Why the intense push and pull with money, careers, and jobs? It’s like I never found my own unique way to make money work for me because I haven’t seen another person with my unique issues make it work. It’s almost taboo and considered lazy and unrealistic.

Yet, I feel so strongly that I have something to give to the world but I don’t know how to use it myself as far as money because I was taught away from my true nature! Despite being an earthly Taurus and have a practical way of being, my outlook isn’t attached to the physical world at all, I definitely see things in a much different way. Which can cause all sorts of mishaps when I’m trying to live life, the human way as you’re expected too.

Even knowing all this, the real breakthrough is that I’m afraid to make money, because of this pressure to sacrifice my view and belief about money for a concept I simply don’t believe in. Even though it’s uncomfortable, I find it far easier to stay where I am, barely getting by and simply being resourceful (a true gift in itself) and feeling free from the pressures of money, than obtaining more wealth because I feel I have to give up so much for it.

I sometimes feel that I can’t be free if I chose to make money and a lot of it, or I have to be a soulless worker to have an income like everyone else.

It’s a tough issue sometimes but I believe were we struggle the most is where we have (or will have) the most expertise.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Vision 79: The Most Healing Music

healing music artist spiritual

Music is one of the most magical art forms I know of, always being created and flowing through the hearts of many and being listened to by even more. I guess you can call me a musicophile, a lover of music, but as the years gone by I saw how my love for music became more than just amassing a huge collection of CDs and MP3s, but now wanting to create my own.

And with that desire being launched everyday as I blissfully select my chosen soundtracks, I realized how much I used music for healing without even knowing it. But there is one particular artist that stole the show of bringing much healing to my heart and soul, that artist is Bjork and she has the most healing music I know of.

How I got to know this artist was through twitter, when someone retweeted her music video “Crystalline” and from the second I heard her unique voice I KNEW that I would love all of her music, and indeed I did. Music video after music video, I was surrounded by such artistic, unique and one of a kind songs, I was truly happy for being guided to this wonderful artist!

As time went by and I was still faithfully listening to her albums, there was a time in my life where I chose to open myself up again emotionally. To start crying again and to finally give myself the much needed healing and validation of my emotions. When it came to finally allow my tears to flow, one of my personal favorites “All Neon Like” was that catalyze to really dive deep where I never dared to tread before.

Boy, that first time I let myself cry to that song, it was like an overbearing weight finally coming through my tiny body. Hearing the words “don’t be angry at yourself” resonated so strongly that I felt ripples of pain, of my own anger towards myself come through to the surface. It was probably one of the most intense crying sessions I had to date. At the same time, feeling those true feelings gave me so much hope, awareness and wisdom of how I truly felt inside. From then on, whenever I felt that need to let go of some deep emotions that were coming up for me, I would choose that song to get me to the other side.

Out of all the artists, songs and soundtracks that I’ve listened too, Bjork is the only one to dive so deep in my soul to actually get those old feelings out, it’s quite amazing. And I’m honored that the universe equipped me with such a powerful healing too.

Since then, there have been other instances where her other songs like “Bachelorette” and “Undo” have spoken to me on a deep level and left me in healing tears. It’s as if the songs zeros in a very sore spot of my emotions (where I’m being triggered emotionally) and really bring it up to the conscious mind. I’ve cried to other songs (not that many to be honest) but Bjork’s is the only one that has this specific effect on me.

All in all, I’m so happy to be one of the lucky people that not only listens and enjoys her music, but can feel the healing vibrations that are laced within the notes and lyrics. Her music has made a very huge impact on my life, and I’m not sure how my life would be different if I never discovered her a short few years ago.

So I want to say thank you so much for giving your gifts to the world because it has changed people’s lives, especially mine. Feeling your healing intent in your music really does brings me to my knees sometimes, but it also allowed me to feel and to cry without judgment, editing myself or thinking that I’m inappropriate for doing so.

That means more to me than you’ll ever know…

So thank you so much, Bjork…

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

Vision 78: Mirror

INFP thought feelings dreamer

Today I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been reading The Essential Law of Attraction Collection that I’ve gotten for Christmas and it’s been one of the best books I’ve owned in many years.

I’ve been seeing myself like a clear mirror since starting the 30 day process and my new focus on relaxing into my life more. I’m seeing that, I do have two modes of operation. The first one is akin to a chicken with its head cut off, that is running amuck trying to throw everything in its proper place. I’m disconnected, away from my true source. I often feel lost as if I’m out at sea, trying to peddle my way to the next and “perfect” island where I’ll find my tribe and purpose. Yet, when I do wash ashore I always feel that something is missing, that it’s not good enough and set off to sea again to fix what is broken.

On the other side of the coin, as if it was my own shadow I have a much calmer more connected self. I’m aligned to who I am, what I see is perfect. There is no need to fix anything because I know that through my own power of attraction there is nothing that can come my way without myself inviting it in. I’m sure of myself and I have fun in life. I see things as an opportunity to have more fun. I’m creative and see myself as the artist that I really am and fulfill that prophecy. I know exactly what and how it looks but seldom to control it because I know it will come out way better than I expect if I just allow it into my experience.

That reflection of self, that clear picture of who I am and who I’m being moment by moment is a huge wake up call. The person I thought I was, is just the person I assumed I needed to be, because I saw my world as broken in a lot of ways. I saw myself as defective so I had to fix myself in a lot of ways. I thought of this “lesson” as a means for growth, but what I was really doing was assuming that I was less than perfect and thus unworthy or unable to have, do or be who I wanted to be.

When I looked in the mirror, I saw so much sadness, anger, hate, jealousy and an outward cry for help. For someone to just give me a kind look and to say that I was good enough. That my life was good enough, and that I can stop trying so hard. That if I can just let go of my insecurities and focus on what I loved, then I’ll get that in return. I don’t have to struggle or suffer anymore… For anything…

I’m already worthy.

I feel better now, I’m not in so much pain though I do have times where I’m indeed hurting. But I don’t look in the mirror and see such a sad soul anymore. I see something so much greater, bigger, more attractive and someone so much more loving towards myself than I could ever imagined for myself.

And that feels good…

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Sunday, January 4, 2015

Vision 77: The Sun and Moon

It’s a dark and gloomy Sunday. The house is darken with the silhouettes of years’ worth of papers, furniture and odds and ends.

Lately, I’ve been given quite the messages relating to coming back to who I am. I admit, that in the last few months I’ve fallen off the wagon. The journey I thought I was taking turned into a fight to find myself again amidst the reemerging feelings of not only the pain that I’ve been living in the last half decade, but my whole life.

This took me a lot of strength to do, because in my “downtime” I saw myself and the world around me as I did back in 2013, a year I never want to repeat again. It was a realization that I not only create my reality but “I” really do create my life experience through my thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

The universe has been kind to let me stay in my pit of despair for a while but once a few weeks of the worst of it passed, it was time for me to crawl back up to my true self. Since then, I’ve been making great strides to retrieve back the positive habits, lifestyle and mindset that made 2014 such a great success.

One of those things is simply coming back home, in myself, in my lunar side. This is such a beautiful space that I simply learned to ignore, I much rather take the bull by the horns because I learned that is the proper way to live life. You have to do everything in order to succeed, life gives no handouts. Boy was I wrong.

I’m seeing that approach in life goes against my true nature. I used to be rather calm and simple. I didn’t want a lot but that was probably because I learned not to expect it. Either way, my way of life was to simply go where the wind took me. I actually remember sketching out a drawing that showcased that classic phase… It’s funny, I don’t know how but I just knew… I knew that was my MO and it was perfect as it was, and I looked at my life experience from that time and saw the evidence of it too.

I’m learning to take my power back again, and challenging the beliefs and concepts that I too easily accepted upon hitting my college years. Even though I had a really hard time believing that my choices were the best one I can make without some outside opinion, I’m seeing that is where I went wrong the most. I didn’t allow myself to see the other side, to just take the plunge and see what happens. I wanted to know what it would be like before I got there so I know what to do when it happens. This left me in an eternal state of preparation and was my greatest downfall in a lot of things I really wanted to do.

Despite my history, I turned that around in 2014 and started to simply wing it and go where the wind took me because let’s face it, I feel way more natural and “myself” in that mode, than the mode I’m trying to live in an extroverted way. In fact, trying to do everything and bang everything into place drains me to the point I have nothing.

I’m always looking for the next “high” to fix something or have some type of simulation and that in itself is stressful…

Who I am is the one that is placed nicely within my lunar side, where my excitement, energy, passion and outward creativity is dancing within the solar fire of my external nature. It’s a perfect and great balance that I have yet to master completely, but one that is vital to my own well-being and happiness.

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