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Vision 67: The Top Three Fears a Lightworker Must Face to Change The World

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I am what you call a lightworker, and to me, a lightworker is simply a person that has an innate passion and purpose to make a better, thriving planet.

From my teen years in high school, enmeshed in my spiritual and psychic arts, I often wondered about my purpose and “what was the point” of me being so passionate about learning it. Deep inside I knew there was something special I was meant to do, because it didn’t make sense for me to have this passion without it being a part of something bigger that I would use it for.

A few years later, when I discovered my channeling ability I asked my guide “What is my purpose?” It was the burning question I’ve been wanting to ask for many many years, however I wasn’t ready for the answer. My guide told me that my purpose was to change the world and even though it felt like my feelings were confirmed about having something special to do on this planet, fear fogged my vision on how to exactly do that.

It took me about 6 six years to not just deal with my fears about my life purpose but to accept this special task I know I chose to do before I got here on this planet.

So I want to talk about this for other lightworkers, game changers, misfits, non-conformists, healers or any person that might be dealing with the major fears that come with facing your special mission and purpose on this planet.

So let’s begin on the top three fears a lightworker must face before they can “truly” change the world!

Am I Qualified?

This is something that all people, lightworker or not face when it comes to doing something they are passionate about. More often than not, we DON’T feel qualified for our life purpose and to change the world. We hold such high visions on what life should be for us and the planet, it seems like a huge stretch to make it happen. It seems like we must do everything “right now” to get it all done, which is often stressful and nerve-wracking for sensitive people. Even more so, other people around you might not “get it” either which compounds the feelings of not being qualified, supported or being able to do it.

Being qualified has nothing to do with being able to do everything in this red hot minute, or to prove a point, but being able to step on your path despite feeling unqualified and knowing that the path will unfold underneath your feet along the way.

It's probable you'll have no idea what the road will look like. You don’t know the journey you’ll have to take, the people you will meet and the smaller tasks you will take on before you’ll reach your destination. But that is the point, your life purpose has nothing to do with reaching a certain point in your life, it’s happening now, right at this moment. So there is no need to over prepare or to feel “qualified” first before you go and change the planet for the better. Your power comes from the present moment, your life purpose is happening now and if you’re not doing it now, then it’s not unfolding now. You don’t have to have anyone’s permission, say so, or a piece of paper to start doing it, just do it and I promise you, you’ll be guided to everything you’ll need, right when you need it.

Being Powerful

This is a huge one, a fear that I know all lightworkers face at some point. I feared power because I thought it was abusive and immoral based on my past experiences. I didn’t want to hurt people so I didn’t want to be powerful, this caused me to always downplay myself and my talents for many years. The catch is that no one benefits from that thinking, I can’t make the difference I want to make if I don’t access the true power inside me to do it. Other people won’t be moved or as greatly effected either because I chose to give up my power. In fact, I’m more likely to attract “powerful” people that will take advantage and use me because of that subconscious belief which makes me feel weak and defeated as if I never had power to begin with.

However, I learned that true power isn’t physical or aggressive, it’s an energy and spirit that can be felt by words, intention, compassion and even a gentle touch or expression. It’s a knowing and convection that stands the test of time that no matter what, you stand for what you believe in. That type of energy moves mountains, an abusive power can only move one person.

Rejection and Loss

This comes with being powerful as well, being rejected by others, singled out, ridiculed, being envied or jealous of. We fear that if we’re “powerful” people won’t love us, we’ll be so strong that we’ll somehow push others away, as well as be the target for envious people to “steal our light.”

This is an all too common fear that is linked to scarcity thinking, as if we were to become more aligned to who we are then what we have will leave us. The long and short of it is that, yes, people are easily threaten by those that are more powerful, but on the other side of the coin there are so many others that just as easily will love you BECAUSE you are being authentic. And yes, things will change because you’re accessing your true strength, you just won’t live life the same way when you’re in tune with your personal power.

With that being said, you simply can’t expect to fully express your purpose, to heal others, be a brilliant way shower or effect people in a great way without tapping into your true power and grace. You just won’t have that effect because your strength will be the very thing that will move people to change, tears and to their own power and light.

Love is much more powerful than fear, when you’re healing the planet feeling and knowing love in your being, it’s easy, but if you have to push through fear it will be a bumpy and rough ride. Fear of any kind only weighs you down and limits your power as who you are.

To be powerful requires a decision to be powerful despite the risks. Just like you chose to not be powerful, it’s a choice that you make every day in every moment of time to be the core opposite.

Ending Thoughts

At the end of the day you do have a special purpose but it requires your love, power and strength to carry it out because you chose to do this and you knew that you had all the power in the world and then some to achieve it. So let’s stop playing pretend and entertaining other’s visions of who you should be, start working with the truth and deal with these fears so you can finally be who you are and change the world as you intended!

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