Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Vision 92: UPgrade

I won’t allow people to take advantage of my kindness anymore. I won’t allow people to gaslight me, guilt trip me or throw who I am in my face because I decided to be all that I can be. I won’t allow myself to shut down in hopes to calm the next person down or to not start trouble.

I’m going to and always will stand up for myself no matter how much the next person doesn’t like it. I decide what is best for me every single day and no one gets the pleasure to make that choice for me anymore. I won’t stand for any ignorance in my life, toxicity, negativity, name calling or anything that is meant to destroy my self-esteem (or others really). I won’t allow that anymore.

My life is full of light, happiness, joy, expansion and just damn good times, but when someone wants to take that and throw it in my face as if I’m doing something wrong, I won’t stand for it anymore.

I’m done, I’m cutting you out of MY life.

It’s hard to decide when it’s time to up and leave a person’s life, more so family but I’ve learned time and time again that if I don’t decide to do something on behalf of me, because I don’t want to deal with anyone’s bullshit anymore, that it’ll only continue and I’ll also continue to be hurt, shut down and just not who I intended to be when I woke up that morning.

At the same time, it’s so liberating to decide that a person won’t be participating in my joy, in my growth and just all that I am and will become. It’s good to know that I can do this and still move on. Not because I believe that I couldn’t before, but my life, my sense of self will become that much greater without the heaviness.

I’m okay with being alone, I’m okay with being by myself and doing things independently because I know that I love me for me. And the people I choose to be around has to feel the same. If anyone doesn’t like the way I am and the way I choose to be, it’s not my problem and it only shows that you’re not a fit in my life.

I’m upgrading right now, myself, my views, my beliefs, my self-love, my behavior, my relationships with friends, family… Everything.

So if anyone wants to show their ass at this time, believe me you’re doing me a favor because it’ll only show who I need in my life and who I need to leave behind.

I’m happy that my life is the way it is, I’m happy for the way I am and who I choose to be every day and I won’t allow anyone to take that joy away from me. Not anymore.
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