Saturday, June 28, 2014

Vision 47: The Caterpillar

how to be authentic self-love

As I laid down on my back and stared into the starry black sky of my popcorn ceiling I unloaded my feelings about myself to the universe.

The person I am becoming, the person that I am, and the person I was… Who is that person, who am I really?

Ever since I discovered  myself being agender and not resonating or identifying as a female, things have changed… In fact a lot has changed. Changed in ways I never thought possible, but gave me incredible freedom that I probably would of never found if not for this huge personal discovery.

The person that I was is like the caterpillar: meek, small, soft spoken, shy and kept to herself. The person that I was will always and forever be a brilliant person, I often saw and felt the power of my own vitality but somewhere along the line I kept it under wraps. I didn’t want to stir up trouble, I didn’t want to bother with trying to convince others about my own power, I often found it easier to just stay in the background than risk it all putting myself out there. Admittedly, I felt like a coward in my life but that sounds a bit too harsh because no one is perfect.

However, I did wish I had the courage to do the things that I wanted to do. To simply respond to another person’s comment on the street, to dance in front of others when the street bands were playing, to just simply be who I felt inside in front of others. Not feel the need to guard myself at every chance I got because I was afraid of the outcome. That I would be embarrassed, shamed, teased or otherwise. I wanted to not care, I wanted to leave that old self behind but once I convinced myself enough and the opportunity came, more than likely I shrunk back into the shadow of my authentic self.

Strangely enough, identifying as agender and accepting my dominate masculine energy gave me permission to be the person I always wanted to be. To not be afraid of people, to put myself out there, to have more fun and to be even more spontaneous. Maybe it’s just me but I never felt so open and myself before.  It’s as if that person was hidden all this time, I felt him clearly but somehow he was still sleeping waiting to be reawaken at the right time.

Sometimes I think about why now and not 6 months or even 6 years ago, but the world has an odd way of working out. And to be honest, this time would be the best if any simply due to the fact I’m finding myself and my personal power like I never had before.

What if he woke up before his time? Would I be even more confused, would I be around the people that accepts me as that person as easily as my friends and family do now? Would I even have the resources and knowledge that I have now to support the transition between the women that I thought I was to the being I know I am. Would my chosen purpose would be as clear back then as it is in this moment.

Honestly, I don’t think so…

Like all things in life, as random and chaotic as it all seems we’re all due for order, and when the right things meet in the middle magic happens because the timing couldn’t have been better. I surely couldn’t of micromanage this “becoming” of who I really am and what is in store for me.

But now my work is to get to know this person, to love this person and to support this person like I never did in my past. Though I loved the person that I was , the person that I am now is the person I’m supposed to be at this very moment.

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Friday, June 27, 2014

Vision 46: Money Love List #54

It's been a super long time since I posted any of my Love Lists (thus why the number shot up lol) and I find posting my love lists really fun, so here is the one I just did recently!
  1. Thank you for the money that I currently have, it’s more than enough
  2. I enjoy thinking about money in my hands
  3. I love feeling the freedom of having more than enough money
  4. I enjoy living abundantly
  5. There is so much money around me to be found
  6. I’m grateful for all the experiences I can afford with my money
  7. I enjoy shopping with ease with my money
  8. I love saving money on my shopping trips
  9. People give me money all the time and I love it
  10. I enjoy my life being supported by my money
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Monday, June 23, 2014

Vision 45: When You Find It

life purpose spiritual calling

When you find that thing that you were meant to do, it always feel so right and true. So many years I’ve been searching for my “thing” but it was right here since the day I was born, my artistic ability and my desire to express myself.

I looked long and hard outside myself because I felt my talents wasn’t  enough, I needed validation from others, money or some sort of result to prove to me that “this was my purpose.” That my purpose is what the world needed from me to be a better place. I see now that purpose isn’t the result of doing something that you love or are called to do, but simply being and doing what you love to do because it gives you joy.

No strings attached, no gaining some type of outcome, not making it a popularity contest, just simply doing what you were meant to do, something that you love to do, something that fills you up and nurtures you in your body and in your soul.

Purpose isn’t what we’ve been told a thousand times from books, movies and gurus, it’s simply doing what you were always drawn to and it doesn’t need the outside standards to be real or purposeful. You don’t even need to live a “happy life,” you simply need to love what you do, do it because you love it, and never stop doing it.

I stopped drawing for many reasons but I didn’t give up on it, I kept drawing and creating even if it meant taking on a whole new different medium. I kept creating during the search for my thing not knowing I was doing it all this time.

Even though I pride myself on my spiritual and psychic skills, I always considered myself an artist first before anything. That is what I always knew and did, it came naturally and I never remembered a time where I didn’t create in some form… It’s just strange (and ironic) how bad I wanted to know who I was, what I was meant to do and why I came to this world, and while I searched long and hard for it, it was the thing I did most.

 Create and express myself…

I thought that my purpose, or purpose in general, was supposed to be laced with a business plan with lots of people being helped and benefiting from your talents. I thought it was supposed to be the thing that people came to you for the most. I thought that purpose was so much more than it really is and my twisted understanding hid the truth that my soul already knew… It’s crazy.

Purpose isn’t a big thing, in fact it’s the most basic thing in life like breathing and eating; we just label it as a big thing because we’re taught that it has to be big. It’s simply doing what you love because you love it, whatever else comes after that is extra. Don’t let the results or lack thereof influence what you’re chosen path in life is, because you do get the choose after all.

So don’t search for it, don’t demand for it, don’t ask god or the universe to gift you with it because you’re probably doing it right now but are too consumed with the “need” of it to see it clearly.

Purpose isn’t “purpose,” it’s simply doing what you love and enjoy with no strings attached and letting the world go by as you’re doing it.

Purpose is simple, purpose is love, purpose is unconditional but it’s not what most of us think it’s supposed to be. Just do what you love and never stop doing it and you’ll be living your purpose perfectly…

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Vision 44: Life Purpose?

spiritual life purpose passion

Lately, I’ve been feeling confused about what my purpose is, or more specifically, what I should be doing with it.

For the last few years I’ve been chasing this goal of having my own business in the intuitive arts. I’ve been doing oracle cards in those years but I wanted to do more with my talents than just the cards. When I finally had the courage to change my readings into something I was more passionate about, I felt that god damn forsaken feeling of letting it go again…

Once I settle into something for a short few months the universe suddenly wants me to jump ship and find something else to do. I’m really getting tired of the games, the chasing and the dreams of having some stability and security in something that I think could be my purpose.

It’s making me think that this huge topic of purpose is just something humans hang onto for the sake of direction in their lives, to feel like a bigger force is guiding them when in fact there is no such thing (as far as purpose is concerned) and we’re simply too complex to be truly free of will. Sounds a bit cynical and in this moment I am being quite cynical but when you’ve been chasing down, trying to find and live your purpose for about 10 years you stop taking it seriously.

I’m questioning it because for as long as I ever known it to be a life purpose and my passion to find and live mine, the universe, energies or whatever you want to call it always shifts it into something else. For many years I thought I found my purpose only to find it’s just a passing phrase or it's simply wasn’t it. Maybe I got a little piece of knowledge from said "purpose" but it’s not something I want to do anymore.

I don’t know what the fuck my purpose is, or at least how it’s supposed to look like or what the fuck I should do with it. And the fact I still want this outside force to suddenly gift me with “purpose” pisses me off even more. Why should I wait or even assume that it has to come in that type of package, what right does anyone or entity have to tell me that “this” is what I need to do.

All I want to do is be happy, secure and safe. I want to pick one thing and do that for a really long time. Sounds so fucking simple but once I’m a good distance into it, just enough to feel like “maybe this is what I’m meant to do” something changes. Either my passion dies out, my taste for what I’m doing goes elsewhere or I find something else that I think is my “real” purpose (thus the cycles repeats again). It just never lasts and at this point I’m tired of trying to “find” purpose in life when I’m already here living in the world.

I’m starting not to care about helping others (as a career) or finding some type of way to make the world a better place (we’re not here to fix a broken world anyway). A lot of it stems from this social belief that you have to be useful to others or to the world to be valued and at this point I’m trying to shift those beliefs because I don’t want my happiness to be dependent on  others. I’m sure the world will manage anyway…

I’m just extremely frustrated over the one topic that’s been thrown in my face time and time again. And seeing other people living what they feel like is their purpose, living happily and just to me having it all makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong.

Why don’t I have a “thing,” why do I know my purpose but somehow it never shapes itself into something that lasts? Why do I even care, why is purpose so important? Is having and living through purpose an instinctual human thing or something constructed as we evolved to feel more useful (or otherwise)?

I don’t know, I don’t get it and I don’t know where I stand in it at this point…

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Monday, June 16, 2014

Vision 43: Self Love and Worthiness

worthiness self-care love self

I’m stuck in a rut today, I’ve been stuck in a rut since about last night.

I’m supposed to be showing myself self-love, like the real self-love. Not the dressing up pretty and getting stuff kind of self-love, but the kind that you truly feel in yourself. But all I done since last night was judge and criticized myself and I hate it.

I hate that I can’t even treat myself to $11 dollars’ worth of CDs without feeling that I spent too much on myself. That I should of saved more money, or just spent my money more wisely. I can’t understand why I can’t justify getting something that I wanted  without making myself feel guilty. Yet I can justify getting a $6 dollar ice cream cone which was in my mind, was totally worth it.

I thought that maybe I was getting ahead with this act of self-love but I’m seeing the real nasty stuff that I need to clean up. I’m still telling myself that I don’t need more, but just enough to get by. I’m still telling myself that if I hoard, guard against or keep at a distance what’s more than enough that means I’m a lot safer. I’m still telling myself that if I do too much with my money, spend too much or get things that I want to spend on it, when I don’t need too, people will judge me.

I’m starting to see the real roots of my insecurities, that same voice that keeps saying that I need to be humble and when a certain person or event comes around to tell me that I am worthy THEN I’ll be able to do whatever it is that I want to do.

It always boils down to staying on a certain level. To not get more than your “fair share” and to always give whatever extra you have to others. I’ve been in that mindset for most of my life and now that I’m starting to break out of it, or at least tell myself that it’s okay for me to have more, those old beliefs seemly got stronger. I’m still assuming that I’m not worthy because of some unseen force haven’t gifted me with it yet.

Sometimes society or just the way things are makes me sick. They tell you to follow the rules and to wait for some authority to give you a certain title before you’re worthy for more. You always have to achieve this, or have enough that before you’re good enough. You always have to be aware of others and put them first… And for what? For some worthless piece of shit prize of another person’s praises? For some random god to somehow grant you the life you “now” deserve. For your peers to look up to you as some type of pioneer or leader? It’s all bullshit, every single drop of it, and I’m so tired of thinking there is some invisible force, writing down all the things I could be doing wrong, waiting for the right moment to punish me.

Waiting for the right moment to snatch the rug right under me so I subconsciously keep myself from having life become too easy. Keeping myself from being truly happy, healthy, abundant and loved so that I’ll never experience those things being taken away. Because somewhere along the line I learned that those things were bad to have, plain and simple. The right way is to work hard, struggle, sacrifice and be humble and somehow when [insert random force] thought that you did enough, then you’ll be worthy for more… Funny enough the people that believes in that concept suffer more than anyone else…

I don’t want to be one of those people, and I won’t.

I don’t care what rules I break, I don’t want to live in the shadow of my greatness anymore because of some religious or social fear based bullshit. Give that shit to the people that want it, but I’m not one of them… Not anymore…

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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Vision 42: What I Want to Invest In

manifesting money invest desires

Lately, I’ve been doing all I can to feel abundant and positive about money. Since joining the Money Money Money group and having that springboard knowledge and breakthroughs about my money relationship, I have way more tools on how to improve it.

So far I use visualizations, vision boards, storytelling, affirmations, meditation, journaling and playing with real physical money and so much more to conger the feeling of having money and more than enough of it. It’s been such a fun thing and I actually look forward to it in the morning. In all of that, I felt the need to write about what I wanted to invest my money in, because it’s not how you attract it that matters but how you spend it also.

What I want to invest my money in is my own freedom and all the activities I really want to do. I want to be able to move out and into my own bright, roomy and comfortable home. I love the shabby chic style so I would want to decorate my home in that fashion. I also love anime, cartoons video games and such so I want to make a really fun and comfortable living room area with a big TV and a shelf that houses all of my consoles and DVDs.

The kitchen would have tons of natural light and just the right size for me to cook all the things I would love to make. I actually talked about this in my shabby chic post I made last week.

What I really want to invest in is a business coach that can help me expand on my creative intuitive business and create a more fun and effortless way to bring money into my experience. I would invest a lot of money in my creative intuitive business because it’s something very close to my heart. In fact, I feel like it’s a part of my purpose and a great unused tool. I often combine my “need” for money with my “love” for my creative intuitive business that results in me stalling on what I really want to do with it. I procrastinate because I’m afraid of things not working out or that I won’t make any money to truly support myself…

This is so crazy! I felt the need to write down what I wanted to invest in (I felt that for a few days now actually), and when I started to talk about my business a huge light bulb went off! It’s like a shining key that’s saying “Use me! Use me” but I’ve internally stalled myself so much in really building it that I ignored it and fell back into my old story. The one business story where I’m unhappy with what I’m doing and nothing works. Yet, this year I created something that is so far from that story that inspires my whole life. I know this is something I want to do and do well, I’m just letting my own fears and limited thinking steer me away from that.

I’m thinking this was the universe’s way for me to realign to what I really want and REALLY invest my time and money in it. I really want to invest in this new business story and everything I am in it, because I know how much this would mean to me for this to work. To actually have a steady stream of people coming to me for my fun and playful readings and products!

So that is what I want to invest my money in (among other things for sure lol) and something I’m going to continue to work on for myself and my own happiness. I’m sure when I start working on something that I love the money will show up in really crazy ways!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Vision 41: The Angel of The Inner Child

angel art ATC spiritual

I’m currently making some angel artist trading cards to sell, something that I always wanted to do! Here is my first one, The Angel of The Inner Child, something that I was inspired to make yesterday but only got around to it today. I drew her holding a heart that represents the inner child, that untouched wild and connected part of us all.

inner child angel healing

The topic and the healing of the inner child came up a lot in the last 2 days so I’m sure the divine wanted me to channel that healing energy into this ATC. So if you’ve been working through some issues related to your childhood, inner child or any beliefs stemming from that part of your life, I highly recommend bringing this angel into your home!

healing with the angels

I just got done the line art and I’m going to color it with colored pencils. If you’re interested in buying this angel ATC  before I post it in my shop send me a message! Each angel ATC comes with its own personal message as well so if you’re in need of guidance in relation to your inner child this will provide the answer for you!

angel blessings healing

I plan to make more angel ATCs with each angel representing a certain subject like love, abundance and etc so there will be lots more to come. If you’re interested in getting an angel ATC of your own guardian angel or guide you can go here to my shop to order one!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Vision 40: Attracting Easy Money

abudance easy money law of attraction

I noticed that I’ve been attracting people that make money though easy means. Whether it was a simple video course, an mp3 mediation, an audio course or even designing character skins, I’ve been noticing more and more that it’s very possible to earn money and a lot of it without hard work. It’s something that I personally call “easy money” and a concept that I’m just now really accepting as truth and a possibility in my world.

Before, I would be attracted to and often see a lot of big time bloggers, spiritual teachers, intuitive business women and so on that had huge enterprises and doing big things. They often spoke about traveling the world, speaking gigs, expensive coaching packages and so many different types of huge income streams that seem impossible to me.

It felt like I had to work really hard and long just to even have a taste of what they had. I wanted to change my life that was very much a struggle so I emulated them to create big courses and seemingly impossible things. This put me in a mindset that I had to struggle for easy money or any money at all. I had the belief that if I wanted to live the good life, I had to work long and hard for it. Or at least it increased my already set belief in that concept. The funny part was that many of these teachers preached about attracting money and clients, yet they often highlighted the “working hard” aspect of it all.

Getting to the point, my belief of working hard to make “any” money no less easy money put me in a path where I would see people do exactly that. Which fueled that belief even more, I had a lot of momentum in that belief and it took a while for me to notice that I was going down the wrong end of the money stick. The path of needing to do hard work, proving myself, doing impossible things and going out of my comfort zone to say to the universe I was ready for the money to roll in. The problem is that belief gave me negative feelings and made me feel even worst about my money situation because I was manifesting more struggle not ease.

Since then, I put myself in a place where took the Abraham material to heart and soon after I attracted the Money Course that really catapult me into the REAL possibly of making and having money without hard work. It changed my beliefs around and my relationship with money, and with knowing that relationship and being more aligned with it what I was attracted to changed.

Instead of craving to see and be like those people that had huge businesses and an abundance of money through a lot of determination, hard work and struggle just for it to be “easy,” I was attracting people and situations where there was money being made through ease. Though methods I could do and do well, from people I could relate to that didn’t make me feel small because of that contrast of me having a lack of money and them having more money. Basically, I’m quickly closing my gap between the lack of money and making more than I can imagine. The universe is moving mountains just to make that a reality for me and seeing easy money is just the beginning.

I even saw on the news yesterday morning about a mystery millionaire giving money away in the city, now that is what I call attracting easy money! No sooner I started to tune into the “easy money” vibe, it started exploding and showing up everywhere! :D

I didn’t have to do much either but really focus on what I already have, being grateful and playing with money and the feelings of having it. It took practice and I did have my backsliding moments but none the less I learned more and more about my dominate feelings and thoughts about money. Taking what I learned through all the ups and downs I can see clearly where I can gain a lot of money through ease, and how I can deflect it through struggle and strife.

If you want to learn about your money relationship, or the beliefs that you're holding that is stopping you from achieving your dreams and goals my Crystal Code Reading can help you gain clarity from your soul's truth!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vision 39: Worthiness is up to You

manfiestion worthiness emotions

I just watched one of the most amazing and insightful Abraham videos I could watch. What I got from it is that worthiness is an inside job. It’s not a title that someone gives you or something that you earn, it’s a state of mind and being that only you can create for yourself.

For a really long time I thought that I had to earn my worthiness to be who I really am. To do what I really want to do and to be whoever I wanted to be. To be even more honest, I thought that I didn’t have the right to be all that I really am because somehow I needed to work hard and earn it. I can go back to many stories and tales about how that belief formed but it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I already know…

I already know that there is no authority, god, parent or person in this world that can give me permission to be all that I really am. That can actually say with 100% accuracy about who I am and how I should live.

In a world that is quick to tell you how to live and how you should be, I learned that what I’ve been told throughout the years is absolute crap.

I thought I needed to be more…

To be more compassionate, hardworking, more abundant, more independent, more brave and more than who I am right now to earn the right to be who I REALLY am. To live how I want to live and to fully express myself as my soul essence and radiance.

What lies have I’ve been listening to for such a long time!

There is no counter or person taking score or waiting for me to do things “right,” just me holding the belief that life well punish me because I desire good times and wanting more in my life.

That belief is so untrue. 

I don’t have to earn to be the person I want to be and that hurt my confidence because I thought I had to be everything and a bag of chips before I can prove to others that I’m worthy.

I walked around for years hoping and wishing that life would just give me a break because I’ve been through so much already. I always felt envious of those that seem to have it all and life seemed to shower them with anything they asked. But it’s not about what people have and don’t have. It’s about that belief you hold in yourself.

That feeling of worthiness and letting nothing stop you from feeling it.

We learned from an early age that we need to be fixed, to achieve and prove ourselves to everyone we meet that we’re capable. But there are so many hoops to run through that we eventually lose ourselves in the process, and the next thing you know we feel lost and well, unworthy… Because we forgotten what makes our heart sing and only focus on what others expect, yes, we developed a warped view of the world and of ourselves.

What changes the whole game of life is reclaiming that innate knowing that the world is actually on our side but we block out it’s assistance everyday.

Don’t wait for the next person, opportunity, job, date or whatever to feel that you’re worthy. You’re worthy right here, right now, it’s just you have to give yourself the permission to feel that way. It will never come from an outside place because before you know it you have to do something different or up yourself just to maintain it.

Feel it in yourself and know that being who you really are and just existing makes you worthy, and that state of mind will instantly bring whatever it is to you and make your life so much easier!

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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Vision 38: Earth Angel Match Maker?

romance soul mate match maker

I think I should become a match maker, after watching the Realm Readers course by Doreen Virtue, something inside pointed me to the field of bringing together fairy tale romances. It’s strange because I never was called to such vocation before, though I have a keen sense of relationships and energy compatibility.

I remember plenty of times when I felt the energy between two people and knew if it would last or not. All the times that I went with my feelings, it was right. The partners both romantic and otherwise eventually split apart as I felt something was “off.” I can just feel the energy and have this sense of knowing, even if I don’t know the people involved personally. It’s all an energy thing.

So when I took the Realm Readers course and heard Doreen mention using this system in finding relationships for yourself and others, I felt a special feeling in my stomach. Her mentioning relationships made a light bulb go off in my head. “Would I be a good matchmaker?” was the question that came to me and something I wanted to ask my family. I didn’t think it so much as I received it. It was strange but it was also a big clue.

Before then, the topic of relationships and romance was all over me. A wedding magazine came in a few days ago (the first one ever at that!), whenever I would look at the TV one of the first things I would see or hear was about relationships or marriage. I recently saw an old school My Little Pony doll named Dainty Dove, a pony that day dreams about romantic weddings and even makes a ring for the lucky pony! As soon as I saw her I fell in love, but recently I especially resonated with her and her sweet wedding energy.

pony dainty dove wedding

There was also this strange new energy around me. It felt like the energy of cherubs. It was a fresh, fun and playful romantic energy. It felt as if someone or something new was coming to me and was ready to pop. I felt this for a few days and whenever I tuned into it, I felt the old energy of my twin flame journey turn into this fresh and flirty energy. The old energy was recycling into this new vitality. This energy is something I never felt before and it was exciting.

Then I saw a certain message on the back of a bus yesterday saying something akin to going back to something you once left behind. Of course I thought of the romantic energy and me being knee deep into it but I was determined to follow my guidance and focus on myself purely.

While I was watching the video about the incarnated Cherubs in the Realm Readers course I resonated with their highly romantic and idealism in romance. I even resonated with their issues of perfect beauty. Though I don’t feel I’m completely an incarnated cherub, I do share some key qualities including loving love, day dreaming about meeting “the one,” and enjoying having heart shaped anything around me. Honestly, I might be more cherub than I’m letting on!

cherub cupid spiritual romance

Anyway, I’m feeling in my gut (and even my spirit guide was encouraging me) that I should become some kind of match maker. Though I never done it before, I know what it takes to attract that soul mate to your life through my 2+ years of intense twin flame attraction boot camp. Which makes me think that is the reason why the journey started and ended, so that I can have the know-how and tools to teach others the same thing.

Hmm, the more I talk about this the more it makes sense but I’ll let the universe guide my steps from here on, I’ll just be on the other end listening and following it’s guidance.

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