Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Vision 39: Worthiness is up to You

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I just watched one of the most amazing and insightful Abraham videos I could watch. What I got from it is that worthiness is an inside job. It’s not a title that someone gives you or something that you earn, it’s a state of mind and being that only you can create for yourself.

For a really long time I thought that I had to earn my worthiness to be who I really am. To do what I really want to do and to be whoever I wanted to be. To be even more honest, I thought that I didn’t have the right to be all that I really am because somehow I needed to work hard and earn it. I can go back to many stories and tales about how that belief formed but it doesn’t matter.

What matters is that I already know…

I already know that there is no authority, god, parent or person in this world that can give me permission to be all that I really am. That can actually say with 100% accuracy about who I am and how I should live.

In a world that is quick to tell you how to live and how you should be, I learned that what I’ve been told throughout the years is absolute crap.

I thought I needed to be more…

To be more compassionate, hardworking, more abundant, more independent, more brave and more than who I am right now to earn the right to be who I REALLY am. To live how I want to live and to fully express myself as my soul essence and radiance.

What lies have I’ve been listening to for such a long time!

There is no counter or person taking score or waiting for me to do things “right,” just me holding the belief that life well punish me because I desire good times and wanting more in my life.

That belief is so untrue. 

I don’t have to earn to be the person I want to be and that hurt my confidence because I thought I had to be everything and a bag of chips before I can prove to others that I’m worthy.

I walked around for years hoping and wishing that life would just give me a break because I’ve been through so much already. I always felt envious of those that seem to have it all and life seemed to shower them with anything they asked. But it’s not about what people have and don’t have. It’s about that belief you hold in yourself.

That feeling of worthiness and letting nothing stop you from feeling it.

We learned from an early age that we need to be fixed, to achieve and prove ourselves to everyone we meet that we’re capable. But there are so many hoops to run through that we eventually lose ourselves in the process, and the next thing you know we feel lost and well, unworthy… Because we forgotten what makes our heart sing and only focus on what others expect, yes, we developed a warped view of the world and of ourselves.

What changes the whole game of life is reclaiming that innate knowing that the world is actually on our side but we block out it’s assistance everyday.

Don’t wait for the next person, opportunity, job, date or whatever to feel that you’re worthy. You’re worthy right here, right now, it’s just you have to give yourself the permission to feel that way. It will never come from an outside place because before you know it you have to do something different or up yourself just to maintain it.

Feel it in yourself and know that being who you really are and just existing makes you worthy, and that state of mind will instantly bring whatever it is to you and make your life so much easier!

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