The Golden Mirror

The Golden Mirror is a subtle reflection of the inner self, the psyche, imagination and inner worlds that flow softy on the conscious mind. Being born from a place of dreams and descending upon the realm of reality, a golden mirror is created as a gate and a place of solitude and absolute truth.

These words are not just hers but the many presences that she embarked in her soul's path as a Seraph connected to divine love. Truths that she was once afraid to mutter in the face of uncertainly and scrutiny. Now, unlocked and freed, she claims her light again in the name of love and magic and pour that into those that seeks the same.

The Crystal Dreamer

A child of purity and worthiness trying to find her way home again though the words of the heart and honestly of self. Creative, magnetic, loving yet mysterious, she climbs back into the arms of the source of all dreams in hopes to find everlasting happiness.

The one that dreams beautiful dreams, The Crystal Dreamer...   

Readings & Sessions

I've been doing angel card readings, intuitive readings and consulting professionally for over 4 years and even longer for countless people around the world. Each and every one of my readings are done with the utmost divine love and appreciation so that the clearest connection for healing can take place for those that choose me to read for them. If you're interested in having a reading or session with me, you can click this link to enter my web shop.
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