The Golden Mirror

The Golden Mirror acts as an outlet of my most inner thoughts, observations and  breakthroughs. My mind is always active, full of thoughts and dreams that needs to be expressed. I’m often in my head and in the clouds while the real world goes by.

Sometimes I’m insecure, other times I’m confident, at times I believe I’m too loving and neutral in a world that wants you to pick sides but I’m always wanting to find more of who I am and express that person than conform to society.

Who is Kai?

I’m a 20 something dreamy Non-Binary babe (I use HE/HIS pronouns) that loves everything creative, fun, whimsical and out of this world.

The best way to describe me is that I’m an artist and a creative person that would want to love than hate. To encourage than to discourage and to make room for the new than to shut down the old.

I’m a really weird, friendly and intuitive person.

Fun Facts

I’m an INFP
I love anime and manga (especially magical girls!)
I love anything with a dreamy aesthetic
I love to cook Asian food
I‘m a spirituality, self-help and new-age nerd
I’m a HUGE Abraham-Hicks fan and consider myself an Aber
I love reading people’s energy and giving readings
I LOVE guinea pigs and owned my own
I love reading romantic manga
I’m learning Korean and Japanese

Readings & Sessions

I've been doing angel card readings, intuitive readings and consulting professionally since 2011 and even longer for countless people around the world. Each and every one of my readings are done with the utmost divine love and appreciation so that the clearest connection for healing can take place for those that choose me to read for them. If you're interested in having a reading or session with me, you can click this link to enter my web shop. 
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