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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vision 48: The Angel of The Inner Child Finished!

angel atc inner child anime

My first angel artist trading card is finally finished. I actually finished it about a month or so ago but I procrastinated actually posting it up.

artist trading card angel

healing inner child heart

I notice that as much as I love drawing and creating, I’ve been procrastinating on drawing full time again. It honestly scares me to dive deep into something that I love so much. I don’t want to fail or have something bad happen on my way to wherever my dreams are with my art.

I love art so much that I would rather sit around and let it die than risk the hurt of doing it and falling on my face again. If art was my lover, I would be the type of boy that would never commit to the one guy that actually wanted me. I would self-sabotage the relationship early because I would be too afraid to dive deep into its love and fail the expectations I have on myself and my lover.

I don’t want to hurt myself or my art again, as strange as it sounds. Art means everything to me and when you really love someone or something  you do some crazy shit to protect it, even if it hurts you at the end.

Talking about these feelings, I know that there is nothing to be truly afraid of. I shouldn’t draw for a certain outcome but for the fact I can draw at all. Joe told me that and it really meant something to me. I attach so much stuff onto the things I love to make them more “meaningful” that I end up suffocating the passion I have for it altogether and I’m sick of doing that. I just want to enjoy my skills and art again, no matter if I make money from it one day or not, whether people like it or not or whatever end result I’m looking at. That’s not the point to why I draw.

I draw because it’s fun, I draw because it’s comforting, I draw because I love it, I draw because I enjoy it, I draw because it’s my soul's passion in life; so why should I let money or anything else get in the way of that?

I shouldn’t and I’m changing it right now…

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Vision 41: The Angel of The Inner Child

angel art ATC spiritual

I’m currently making some angel artist trading cards to sell, something that I always wanted to do! Here is my first one, The Angel of The Inner Child, something that I was inspired to make yesterday but only got around to it today. I drew her holding a heart that represents the inner child, that untouched wild and connected part of us all.

inner child angel healing

The topic and the healing of the inner child came up a lot in the last 2 days so I’m sure the divine wanted me to channel that healing energy into this ATC. So if you’ve been working through some issues related to your childhood, inner child or any beliefs stemming from that part of your life, I highly recommend bringing this angel into your home!

healing with the angels

I just got done the line art and I’m going to color it with colored pencils. If you’re interested in buying this angel ATC  before I post it in my shop send me a message! Each angel ATC comes with its own personal message as well so if you’re in need of guidance in relation to your inner child this will provide the answer for you!

angel blessings healing

I plan to make more angel ATCs with each angel representing a certain subject like love, abundance and etc so there will be lots more to come. If you’re interested in getting an angel ATC of your own guardian angel or guide you can go here to my shop to order one!

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