Monday, June 23, 2014

Vision 45: When You Find It

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When you find that thing that you were meant to do, it always feel so right and true. So many years I’ve been searching for my “thing” but it was right here since the day I was born, my artistic ability and my desire to express myself.

I looked long and hard outside myself because I felt my talents wasn’t  enough, I needed validation from others, money or some sort of result to prove to me that “this was my purpose.” That my purpose is what the world needed from me to be a better place. I see now that purpose isn’t the result of doing something that you love or are called to do, but simply being and doing what you love to do because it gives you joy.

No strings attached, no gaining some type of outcome, not making it a popularity contest, just simply doing what you were meant to do, something that you love to do, something that fills you up and nurtures you in your body and in your soul.

Purpose isn’t what we’ve been told a thousand times from books, movies and gurus, it’s simply doing what you were always drawn to and it doesn’t need the outside standards to be real or purposeful. You don’t even need to live a “happy life,” you simply need to love what you do, do it because you love it, and never stop doing it.

I stopped drawing for many reasons but I didn’t give up on it, I kept drawing and creating even if it meant taking on a whole new different medium. I kept creating during the search for my thing not knowing I was doing it all this time.

Even though I pride myself on my spiritual and psychic skills, I always considered myself an artist first before anything. That is what I always knew and did, it came naturally and I never remembered a time where I didn’t create in some form… It’s just strange (and ironic) how bad I wanted to know who I was, what I was meant to do and why I came to this world, and while I searched long and hard for it, it was the thing I did most.

 Create and express myself…

I thought that my purpose, or purpose in general, was supposed to be laced with a business plan with lots of people being helped and benefiting from your talents. I thought it was supposed to be the thing that people came to you for the most. I thought that purpose was so much more than it really is and my twisted understanding hid the truth that my soul already knew… It’s crazy.

Purpose isn’t a big thing, in fact it’s the most basic thing in life like breathing and eating; we just label it as a big thing because we’re taught that it has to be big. It’s simply doing what you love because you love it, whatever else comes after that is extra. Don’t let the results or lack thereof influence what you’re chosen path in life is, because you do get the choose after all.

So don’t search for it, don’t demand for it, don’t ask god or the universe to gift you with it because you’re probably doing it right now but are too consumed with the “need” of it to see it clearly.

Purpose isn’t “purpose,” it’s simply doing what you love and enjoy with no strings attached and letting the world go by as you’re doing it.

Purpose is simple, purpose is love, purpose is unconditional but it’s not what most of us think it’s supposed to be. Just do what you love and never stop doing it and you’ll be living your purpose perfectly…

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