Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Vision 1: I'm in Control of my Emotions

Today was really interesting, I found out that I'm very much controlled by my emotions, and when I mean controlled, I mean grabbed by the balls kind of control. Which is ironic because for the longest time I've been focusing on positivity and managing my negative emotions.

What I learned about myself is that I'm very extreme in my emotions. I can be really passionate about something one day, then the next or whatever length of time, that passion cools off a lot. The oddest thing, or maybe not by the Law of Attraction, I make these huge decisions based on how I'm feeling in that very moment. 

This can be problematic because, when I'm really blissful, enthralled by a topic, terrified, angry or discouraged I act on my impulses. It's like I'm a wild animal that doesn't know better. I truly insist in that very moment I've taken all the time in the world to consider my options, and sometimes I do. I don't blindly go with whatever, but my world and perspective is colored by these emotions. Worst yet, my intuition gets run over by my strong feelings, so telling what I'm feeling intuitively and emotionally can be a challenge. It's a really bad cycle and honestly it's making my new zen lifestyle changes more of a battle field.

In this bizarre line of events the answer I've gotten is that I need to "control my emotions" than letting my emotions control me. Honestly, I never considered it in that fashion. Usually I try to make myself feel better but I don't try to control as in, putting my raising emotions in check and commanding and insisting that I am in control. I sort of mix my good emotions with the bad and the results can go either way. In fact, I don't think it works all that well due to the fact I'm suppressing negative emotions with good ones.

Today, I decided, based on what the universe has given to me, that I will control my emotions. Whenever I think a thought that would toss me into doubt or fear, I would get clear and proclaim "I'm in control of my emotions!" and really put myself in the seat of control. It feels like I'm actually controlling my negative emotions than trying to persuade them with positive emotions.

Since my emotions sway like the ocean most of the time, it can be an emotional tug of war to stay happy. I can easily fall into doubt or fear, especially when my circumstances are not that great. But learning about this issue about myself and practicing controlling my emotions, I got some really good results. I didn't have that emotional rollercoaster or pitfall I'm so easily prone to. I actually kept myself happy and hopeful despite what is currently happening in my life.

So with that success I'll continue to practice it so that I can effectively be in the allowing state so all my intentions can manifest easily.

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