Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Vision 49: Self Love ATC Process

love yoursef  artist trading card

I was inspired by the universe to make another ATC, this time on self-love. When I started to add self-love to my morning practice things started to shift very quickly in all areas. I even found money on the ground the first day I did it! That event alone was a wakeup call, a wakeup call that I needed for a very long time.

Self-love is the most important thing on this planet, it’s important because without that love of self you’ll always settle for less and life will treat you as such. I know I have settled for less for many years and thought that loving myself was working to the bone to achieve my goals. But I learned that is the opposite of self-love as well as other things I thought I was doing in the name of self-love.

What I learned the most however is that self-love requires nothing. You don’t need money, a lover, a best friend, a job, a house, makeup, shoes or your life to be “together” and perfect. In fact the best place to start loving yourself is where you fail the most at, because self-love is unconditional. The most unconditional love you’ll ever receive here on earth. I truly started to feel that love for myself once I remembered all the stupid shit I did in my life and chose to love myself anyway… That is true self-love…

I got started on this tonight with the urge to draw traditionally vs. on the computer. As much as I love drawing on the computer, it stresses my eyes out too much. That and the feeling of putting the pens and colored pencils on paper is the feeling of coming home, something I wanted to do again for years.

heart love pencil drawing

heart drawing sketch love

wings love heart art

inking in sketch wip

pen drawing of heart

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