Thursday, December 4, 2014

Vision 71: Listing Small Successes

raising your success vibration

With the New Year approaching, I’m thinking a lot about the past 12 months and what I want to do in the next 12. With this year almost over I’ve learned that my greatest joy is my art, drawing and design. It’s something that I want to fill my life with every day for the rest of my days. With this wonderful feeling inside, what I’m planning to do is raise my success vibration and energy so I can manifest my artistic dreams!

My First List of Small Successes

  • I’m starting to get how to shade a face realistically.
  • I'm believing I’m worth something after many years of not feeling that way.
  • I’m getting a lot better at drawing different faces.
  • I have a lot of inspiration lately!
  • I feel like drawing a lot.
  • I found an awesome movie that really inspired me, Big Hero Six!
  • Instead of making a necklace for my stone I just put it in my bra to receive the same benefits.
  • I’m learning that I can choose to make things easier for myself.
  • I’m seeing the opportunities and possibilities for my artistic success!
  • I’m drawing Hiro a lot which really makes me happy, I’m learning every day to stay focused on what makes me happy.

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