Sunday, February 15, 2015

Vision 82: Breaking Point

Last night was a wash, an alcoholic wash when I saw the decline of my family’s temper with each shot of vodka.

I don’t get it, all this… It feels like there is no point to it all if all my days are dominated by people that lack the intelligence to make better choices for themselves. It was supposed to be a great Valentine's night but once I saw that bottle of vodka I should of known how things were going to go.

I’m getting really tired of feeling responsible for things that has nothing to do with me. I’m sick of feeling bad over things I felt I should of done but decided to listen to my intuition instead. I’m sick of my mom relaying on me to save her own house that she decided to buy on her own.

I’m getting tired of everything and I keep thinking I should be better at this, at handling my emotions and not feeling bad anymore knowing that I don’t need to blame myself anymore. But it’s tough, it’s really, really tough.

I don’t have the answer to any of this, and I don’t care to have the perfect answer or explanation to why things are the way they are, why I still choose to be here when it takes away so much of my vital energy. I don’t know why I work so hard to move past my dysfunctional upbringing  while I’m living in it.

I feel like I should throw everything away and start anew. It’s like a can’t wait to rid myself of this cancer I call “life” and all the components that constantly sucks me dry. I know the universe wants me to be patient but that is running out fast and I feel closer and closer to just announcing my leave, send my most valuable items to a friends and going to a homeless shelter. I just don’t want to hold myself back anymore because I love my family and want to see them well.

Holding myself back isn’t worth the bull shit I have to deal with time and time again, and quite frankly, no amount of my love can shift their dysfunctional habits, how they feel, the life that made them who they are or make them see what I see in them. I have to see and decide that it’s an impossible game that I’ll never win. The sooner my heart realizes this the faster I can make progress of actually detaching and moving out, to anywhere, I’m not even sure.

Love is an insane thing and I don’t know why I have so much of it inside myself. I wouldn’t say it never gave me what I wanted from other people but I will say it kept me from loving myself over other people. To be completely selfish and let people fall as they might need to. But no, I think love is just sacrificing your all for another person, that isn’t love, at least the healthy kind.

I don’t know. I don’t have the right answers or words to make any of this “make sense.” I’m just where I am feeling the way I am.

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