Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Vision 32: What I Learned from Game Grumps

Something pretty amazing just came back to my consciousness yesterday while watching one of my favorite YouTube channels, Game Grumps.

It was when Dan was fighting the last level boss and after successfully defeating him, a second one showed up. It pissed him off so much since he thought that he beat the game, but soon after he died and had to start both boss fights over.

While I was watching him now beat the first boss with ease, the second one was hard to watch. He kept dying on the second boss and the more he died the more familiar his struggle reminded me of my own adventure in gaming. It’s when you get to that one part of the level that seems absolutely impossible to complete or do. You try and try and try yet somehow you keep failing, to the point it’s actually “easy” or at least easier to do, but somehow you keep dying. It took me back to my thoughts during those times. How it seemed impossible due to the simple fact I couldn’t imagine myself beating that one boss or getting past that one part of the level.

For some reason I had this mentality that if I never done it before, somehow it can’t be done.

However, once I see myself become successful at it, or at least see another person do it, that mental block lifts or just enough for me to have enough faith to get past the obstacle! It’s like once I see that it’s possible, then it’s that easier for me to do automatically.

Once I made that gaming connection to reality, it really does make sense. It’s all a mental game…

Even though I’m afraid of the unknown and I sometimes can’t imagine myself being successful it doesn’t mean I can’t be, it’s all in my head. I have to get past my own negative and limited thoughts so that I can realize my dreams or any goal that I have.

I let myself get too caught up in the reality of things and not my ability to make things happen. I tend to get on myself too for not having the resources or knowhow about something. Yet, it’s not about knowing how, but not being limited by circumstance and doing what you want anyway because all the tools will find you along the way.

That was a HUGE a-ha moment for me and something that I needed to remind myself of.

How many times did you let yourself get so wrapped up in your own thinking that something goes wrong that you actually fuck up on cue because it was simply premeditated. Or that whenever situation you feared never came up to begin with and things actually went fine? That’s me, sometimes I get in my head about things so much that I miss the point of doing whatever it is I’m trying to achieve. I think too much about what others are doing and how they think of me, and not enough about me enjoying what I’m doing.

I’m placing way too much importance on how I’m seen, perceived, illusionary dangers, opinions and other shit that quite frankly has nothing to do with what I’m doing. Anything that I ever wanted has nothing to do with anyone else but me, so I’m the only one that has to care enough to not let MYSELF get in my own way through my own limited thinking.

Everyone else can kiss my ass…

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